bottom up

Proposal for a Political Participation Forum.

The Site (Grete Rehor Park) is a small triangular park, located right in the historical heart of Vienna, surrounded by the Parliament, the Palace of Justice and the iconic Ringstraße. It is some kind of a leftover area, defined by its neighbors and traffic. This area doesn’t necessarily function as a significant public space at this point, but nevertheless it is a quite important buffer zone, that balances the monumentality of its surrounding buildings. On the other hand it works as a circulation area, that organizes a wide range of traffic participants.

Dealing with these aspects became one of the key aspects during the design process. Additionally, there is an ambitious brief: a space for political participation, including a library, lecture hall, café and areas to meet, talk and discuss. The proposal is quite simple: An elevated, light-weight volume that preserves the park. The positioning is based on two ideas: On the one hand, the visual appearance of the park remains and on the other hand a sheltered public space is created within the a belt of trees. Since the structure is considered as a semi-temporary building, it could be easily removed, due to its minimal footprint.

Design Studio, 2013.14   |  Vienna University of Technology   |  Department for Building Construction, Installation and Design  |   Supervisor: Andreas Treusch